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K2 Article Manager Plugin

k2-article-managerAll Joomla! CCK's (Content Construction Kits) such as Seblod, Form2Content or K2 have the same problem. When you click on the Content > Article Manager, you end up in com_content and you panic because you see no articles.


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Increasing your site's conversion rate - case study

This is case study shows how we re-deigned and increased the site's conversion rate, i.e. the revenues. It will help you do the same and thus increase your revenues too.


Joomla! la la - It's a Geek Thing!

thumb joomlalalaMaybe oldie, but still goodie...

Created by Geeks for Geeks - a Joomla! Rap kindly donated by TurtleApps. Energize your day!


8 Tips to Building a Successful Online Store

moneyBuilding a successful online store might be tricky. Have a look at our 8 tips how to make a superb online store. Some of the tips are developer oriented, some are business oriented. Nevertheless, it is our guide for building an online store for developers.


How to Import Products into Virtuemart

importHave you struggled to import products into Virtuemart? We have. That is why we have come up with a solution that will save you 30 to 50 hours on each project. Is it worth checking?


Joomla! E-commerce Comparision

The Best Online Payment Processing Gateways for E-CommerceAre you having a problem deciding which one to use for your e-shop? We compared a few but common platforms on Joomla! Extension Directory.The following are the e-commerce platforms we are going to look at:- EasyVirtuemart, Virtuemart, HikaShop, and Mijoshop.


Rich Snippets – Entrap Potential Customers!

Rich Snippets

Provide detailed information about your products directly to the search results pages on Google. Rich Snippets allow you to display structured and therefore more attractive information.


VirtueMart - TOP E-commerce Plugin for Content Based Sites!

imagesE-commerce is on the rise again. And that's why online marketers have a lot of opportunities when choosing the type of online store and web hosting. E-commerce platform market is very rugged - no solution has more than 12% of market share. The best players in the field of e-commerce are Magento and Yahoo Stores. (Magento is 4 years old, Yahoo Stores 14!).


Speeding Up VirtueMart 2.0 & Joomla! E-commerce Site – Case Study

Speed Up VirtuemartThis article describes how to speed up Virtuemart 2.0 as we did on an e-commerce site It is a guide to increase the speed of your Virtuemart site and the speed of products loading.


Paid Content with Joomla! CMS!

moneyCzech Free Press news portal is developed on Joomla! 2.5 platform and its operators have decided to charge for a part of the content. We will answer some questions about how we have modified the administration, what plugins are being used and what is the resulting user interface.


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