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This plugin aims to add support of LESS to Joomla in the simplest and most intuitive way.


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LESS is a modern extension of the style sheet language CSS which facilitates the creation and management of styles for the coders. This plugin aims to add support of LESS to Joomla in the simplest and most intuitive way. It uses excellent PHP implementation of LESS by Leaf Corcoran.

In the future, of course, we will integrate every new version LESSphp. We are also working on the update channel for the plugin (you will automatically receive the new version), enhanced debug mode – you will get error messages in a better way (not just in a log). Furthermore, we are working on publishing the source code on github, and more.

Here you can find our PRO variant of this extension with more features. LESS Compiler PRO + Nette Debugger

Version Version created Version description
3.0 2014-03-27 11:33:27 Joomla! 3.x compatible
1.6 2013-11-20 13:42:17
1.5 2013-03-11 13:48:26
1.4 2013-03-01 15:01:19


You can install the Joomla plugin like any other, there are no set-ups, but you need to watch out for one little thing (it is not necessary to solve it in a properly configured Jommla, probably). There is a cache mechanism used to preserve information about LESS files on your website in Joomla. It is therefore necessary to have a correctly configured cache  (i. e. most - if you use cache to store files, which is the default option in Joomla - you have to have a writable directory of cache in the root of the web).


After turning on the plugin (it is a type of the "system") all the files type with a .less suffix are automatically processed on the page load (or those that are inserted into the template using the tag with attribute rel = "stylesheet / less" or type = "text / less"). Such embedded LESS styles are compiled and relevant tags are replaced to load final style in pure CSS. Compilation and substitution come with onAfterRender event, thus after the entire HTML output is complete. It is therefore possible to use LESS compiler in conjunction with Components to optimize CSS  (only if you set the LESS compiler to be executed before the optimization component - using modules ordering).

If the plugin encounters an error (such as bad style syntax) while compiling, it writes the error message into file lesscompiler.php using the log mechanism of Joomla (i. e.  typically logs/lesscompiler.php in the root of the website).

Each time the page is loaded, the plugin checks if the LESS files weren´t changed. If so, it is rebuilt automatically. If for some reason (eruptions on the Sun, dwarfs in the server, ...) recompiling doesn't run, just delete the group "lesscompiler" in the cache group and continue in the recompliling. 

Compiled CSS styles are saved in the same directory as the source LESS styles to avoid corrupting any relative addresses in styles.


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