Buying Joomla! Extensions

Should I pay the price with VAT or without?

If you have a VAT ID and/or Company ID, you do NOT pay VAT. Also, you have to be logged in. In all other cases, you have to pay VAT.

I have paid but I do not know where to download the extension...

If the transaction was successful, you will receive an e-mail with a link to direct download. If you did not receive such e-mail, cotntact us at

Where can I get an invoice?

You will receive the invoice within 1 hour after purchase.

Can I use the sigle site subscription on multiple domains?

Yes, according to GPL, you can but you will not receive updates.

Will it work on my Joomla! installation?

On every product detail, there is a tag, identifying what Joomla! version is is for: 1.5, 2.5, 3.x

What am I buying? Component, module, plugin?

On every product detail, there is a tag, identifying what you are buying (component, module, plugin).

What if I need support after the subscription has expired?

You have to buy a new one. However, we are working on a subscription renewal system where the price will be considerably lower.

Can I shop at the weekend?

Yes, you can - all processes are fully automated.

Selling Joomla! Extensions

Why should I sell on Easy Joomla! - Joomla! Extensions Directory is free...

You will make more money. We have an advanced "Update Tool" that guarantees updates will be sent to the people who have paid for it. All buyers have to register a domain they will use it on. The updates are carried out thanks to a Update Server feed that automatically displays new updates in Joomla! administration under Extension Manager > Updates.

How to sell extensions?

  1. Register and log in
  2. Click on "My" menu item and "Add new extension"
  3. Fill in all necessary field and save the extension
  4. Continue filling in all necessary details about the extension in the tabs that appear - you will see the progress in the graphics
  5. Once everything is absolutely OK, you will see a success notice
  6. Your extension is in the store and ready to sell

 For more information see a walk-through.

What is your commision?

Our commision is 20%. You get 80% of the price.

Where do I find how many of my extensions have been bought?

You will see it in your extensions list.

How do I get money for my extensions?

You will get your money on request. Contact