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Let this plugin take care of HTML anchors so users can navigate quickly. It also adds nice slide effect when it navigates to the anchor. The plugin will generate anchors to every HTML heading (tag h1 - h6). Anchor names are generated from the heading name.


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joomla 2.5

This plugin automatically generates anchors near headings. So it is easy to link navigation trough articles content.

Plugin also automatically generate menu with links to these headings, to the top of the article and to the top of the page.

More info in documentation.

Version Version created Version description
2.2 2013-06-06 13:03:21 Repaired generating of anchors in system part of the plugin.
2.1 2013-05-15 09:03:59 Modifications for iPad, debug.

There is a lot to configure at the plugin's configuration. Let's go through it to get the idea how to use it.


Global options

Where the plugin works?

  • On whole page. That option is great if you want sliding for the template. Anchor Slider will work with HTML of whole front end.
  • Only in content. If you need to navigate only within articles, choose this option. Combined with auto generated menu from article heading it brings your articles into new level.

For what HTML tags?

Plugin can automatically generate anchors. But you could need to generate it only for some specific HTML tags. Plugin allows you to define them. Available HTML tags are:

H1 ... H6, SPAN (with defined class), DIV (with defined class), P (with defined class)

The class for SPAN, DIV and P tag can be obviously defined right below the configuration of HTLM tags.

Creating One Page Web

With this plugin it is quite easy to create One Page Web. It is a web page with single website - the home page. Users navigate via menu which slides to the part of the page relevant to that menu item. Use this plugin to create this sliding effect.

Let the plugin to create anchors inside whole page and then create classic Joomla menu items where you add just anchors (#anchor_name). That's it.

Content Options

Following options works only when using this plugin for content. Not the whole page.

On which content the plugin works?

It is possible to select for which categories the plugin should generate anchors. If you use Form2Content as your CCK, you can define also content types.

Auto generated menu

Anchor Slider plugin can automatically generates menu from anchors. If you have a longer article, it makes it incredibly easy to navigate in. There are several options how to configure the menu.

Minimum number of menu items to show the menu

This option lets you define for what amount of anchors in one article the plugin should generate the menu. For example if some article has only one heading with anchor, it is stupid to generate menu with one item to that anchor. So it can generate the menu only if there are more then 2 anchors. Or 3? You decide.

Show menu at...

There are several options where the menu should appear:

  • At the beginning of article OR at tag {anchorslider} if found
  • At the beginning of article AND at tag {anchorslider}
  • At the beginning of article AND at the end of article
  • At the beginning of article AND at the end of article AND at tag {anchorslider}
  • Only at the beginning of article
  • Only at tag {anchorslider}
  • Only at the end of article
  • Do NOT show menu
Show link to the top

It is possible to insert special menu items which lets the user to go to the top of the article or to the top of the web page.

Bootstrap Affix and Scrollspy

Anchor Slider plugin cal also include functionality of Bootstrap components Affix and Scrollspy. Affix will make the menu static, so it scrolls together with the user. User see it all the time then. Scrollspy highlights the menu item which the user is viewing at the time.

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