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Plugin dynamically inserts label with tooltip with information about prices - which price is for who.


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joomla 2.5

Take a look at the documentation for quick demonstration. Or, even better, look for some paid exitension. There is the tooltip as well, in action.

Current version has langue files for:

  • English
  • Russian



Version Version created Version description
1.0.0 2014-01-03 13:04:27 Initial version

This is what plugin does to your product detail page:



  • VirtueMart 2+
  • Right VirtueMart template (explained below)
  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap JS  - tooltip

How does it work

When you publish the plugin after installation, it will trigger only at VirtueMart product detail page and tries to find HTML element with class product-price. It should be DIV element which surrounds prices of the product.

When such a DIV exists, it will insert HTML code which displays label with tooltip.

Where is the lang file

If you want to change the texts, the easiest way is via Language Manager / Language overrides.

The other way is to do it manually at /administrator/languages/the-language/the-language.plg_system_vmpriceinfo.ini.

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