How to import/export a XML template

Product Import and Article Import for F2C has the ability to import and export a XML template. That allows you to test your XML at our demo site.

When you know that the component works for you, you can export the XML template you've created and import it to your installation after you purchase and install the component on your website.

Or, if you have some problem we can help you with, export your XML template, send it to our support and describe what we can help you with. We will configure it for you and send you back the modified XML template so you can import it and use. This way you don't have to give us access to your Joomla administration.

So how to export or import a XML template?

An image is worth thousands of words...


In older versions, a message with a link appears after the export. The right-click on the link and Save as. Latest versions force download directly.