How to Import Products into Virtuemart

importHave you struggled to import products into Virtuemart? We have. That is why we have come up with a solution that will save you 30 to 50 hours on each project. Is it worth checking?



There are basically 3 situations when you need to import products into Virtuemart.

  1. you are creating a new store and you have an ERP or a product feed
  2. your are upgrading from Virtuemart 1.1.x to Virtuemart 2.x
  3. you are changing your e-commerce platform from something else to Virtuemart

That means you need to import products from an older Version of Virtuemart or from a completely different source. After hours and hours of writing complicated scripts each time this issue occured, we decided to come up with something smarter.

Product Import for VM is an import tool where you upload your XML / .csv feed, map your XML tags onto the existing database structure of Virtuemart and all products are imporrted including descriptions, prices, images, custom fields, etc.

There are several settings options so you do not have to re-write the XML if it doesn't fit 100%.

Loo at the picture where you can see the XML that you want to import on the left and the existing Virtuemart fields on the right that need to be mapped onto the XML. I think this is a huge time saver, isn't it?