Increasing your site's conversion rate - case study

This is case study shows how we re-deigned and increased the site's conversion rate, i.e. the revenues. It will help you do the same and thus increase your revenues too.

In late 2013 we re-designed our Joomla! extensions online store in order to:

  1. increase revenues
  2. implement the up-to-date version of VirtueMart
  3. create a Market place for developers where they could sell their extensions

The main problems we had with the old design were:

  1. confusing products category page
  2. products divided into paid and free under separate menu items
  3. an old version of the checkout with illogical steps
  4. no mobile version

Screenshots of the old version of the site:

Old Easy Joomla! Old Easy Joomla! Old Easy Joomla!

During the re-design we focused on these problems and the result was quite satisfactory. Here is a short description of what we did.

Confusing Products Category Page

The main problems with the category, or browse page, were that the menu was not clear enough and there were no tags to indicate which Joomla! version the extension is for. We fixed that, made the menu more lucid and added version tags, along with component / module / plugin tags to indicate what you are getting.

Products Divided Into "Paid and Free" Under Separate Menu Items

We merged these two tapes of extensions and it is not so confusing for the shoppers. We also added a simple filter to divide free and paid extensions so this merge really helped. The less menu items there are, the better.

An Old Version of the Checkout With Illogical Steps

The checkout was a little confusing. In the second step, there was a user registration with almost invisible buttons. Also, when logging in, there was an extra step of confirming your user details. We got rid of it and re-designed the registration page. In fact, we re-wrote the checkout process completely so it is clear and mobile friendly.

No Mobile Version

Since the re-design, the number of visitors that use mobile devices increase by indcredible 80% which is a clear sign that a mobile version of your site is essential these days.

Screenshots of the new version of the site:

New Easy Joomla! New Easy Joomla! New Easy Joomla!

To sum up, after the re-design, the conversion rate increased from 0,97% to 1,24%, which is an increase by 28% and we have some improvements in our sleeve to reach 2% in the following months.