Joomla! E-commerce Comparision

The Best Online Payment Processing Gateways for E-CommerceAre you having a problem deciding which one to use for your e-shop? We compared a few but common platforms on Joomla! Extension Directory.The following are the e-commerce platforms we are going to look at:- EasyVirtuemart, Virtuemart, HikaShop, and Mijoshop.

1. Easy Virtuemart

Easy Virtuemart is a complex e-commerce platform designed enterprenuers and marketing specialists looking for an open source platform to run high quality e-shops and for developers seeking a proved open source that is bug free. Programmers have spent hours improving and making it a must have e-commerce software.

The key features of Easy Virtuemart are:

  • Speed – it is faster than Virtuemart because speed has been optimized by using Joomla! Cache.

  • High conversion Checkout – since this is very vital to any online store we developed a 2 way system of Checkout. One that allows your client to Checkout with only one step and the second that allows for more steps Checkout.

  • Responsive – this particular aspect makes it mobile friendly. Whatever information is displayed on the computer can also be displayed on the the tablet PC and on the phone

  • Product detail: tabs, custom fields, related products – this makes it possible for you to choose what elements you want in the product detail, simply by using true/false statements.


2. Virtuemart

Virtue-mart is also a complex e-commerce platform. It is an open source software free to download on the internet. Although this is good news to most entrepreneurs who want to spend as less money for an e-shop, it is just fair to mention a few things they may encounter while using the free software.

The following are what I think you should know about:

  • It is slower than other software that is sold and you would need about 20 hours to speed it up

  • It has bugs and so you would also need about 20hours of fixing bugs

  • You will need about 20 hours to accomplish a four step Checkout

  • You would also need about 4 hours to have Vat settings applied in the cart


3. HikaShop

HikaShop is another complex e-commerce platform. It is built to be simple and flexible.

Some of the key features of HikaShop are:

  • It is responsive and so it can open on Pcs, Tablets, and phones

  • It is conversional and has reduced the number of Checkout which is good but may not carter for those who are more complex at Checking out.

  • It is bug free and this allows you to save time

  • It has been translated into over 20 languages

Although many people recommend HikaShop, there are a number who criticize it because it is not really a ready-to-use e-commerce platform as they have to depend on the support team to help them install it.

Some complain about the difficult in setting up Taxes while others complain about going from one page to another to make and emable payment.


4. Mijoshop

Mijoshop is another popular shopping cart on Joomla! I wanted to download a demo version so I can try it out but I couldn't, even after signing in on their site. The only option I had was to buy the software. But I didn't because I can only buy software that I tried. Some users say it is a very good software and that it has a perfect technical support team.They also say it has some problems with integration and 3rd party extensions.

Its common features are:

  • It supports Android

  • The buyer has opportunity of installing the software to unlimited domains

  • It has one page Check out

  • It is easy to customize



We are not saying these e-commerce platforms do not have other important features and we also know that there are other popular Joomla! e-shop softwares.We just chose a few for illustration and to have an idea about available e-commerce platforms. What shall we say then? Platforms like HikaShop are very good but we believe that Easy Virtuemart is the best Joomla! e-commerce plaform because of its responsive design, high conversion shopping cart, it has been tested by many users, it is a ready to use software just after installing, it is easy to customize because we integrated bootstrap and LESS CSS templates with Joomla!


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