Language / Currency Plugin

The plugin lets you set default currency for...

{price 224}

Price info Tooltip

joomla 2.5

Plugin dynamically inserts label with tooltip...


Support for Easy Extensions

Support or development time of our programmers....

59 €

Virtuemart Product Labels

joomla 2.5

This plugin displays Top, New, Discount and...


Google E-commerce Tracker for VirtueMart

Extends basic Google Tag Manager plugin.

{price 228}

Content to K2

joomla 2.5joomla 3.2

This plugin makes K2 administration easier by...


Rich Snippets for VirtueMart

The plugin inserts Rich Snippets into VirtueMart...

{price 227}

JoomlaDay T-shirt

joomla 2.5joomla 3.0joomla 3.1joomla 3.2

Great JoomlaDay t-shirt from 100% organic cotton,...

7 €

Easy Library

Joomla library with handy classes and methods...

{price 264}

Easy Product Feeder

Replaced with Easy Feeder

{price 240}

Product / Category Relations for VM

This plugin enables you to see products from...

{price 259}

Automatic Shopper Group

Plugin can assign some VM shopper group to the...

{price 258}

Easy Packager

joomla 2.5joomla 3.0joomla 3.1joomla 3.2

This class can create Joomla install package...


Profile Changes Notifier

Sends report email when a user changes some...

{price 257}

Product Import for VM

This is a component for importing VirtueMart...

{price 256}

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