Article Import for F2C is Joomla 3 compatible

Article import for Form2Content is not only Joomla 2.5+ but also Joomla 3+ compatible. Now it is realy, realy easy to move your old articles via RSS feed from old Joomla and import it to Joomla 3 with great CCK (?Form2Content.

Real Estate for Form2Content

We prepared installable content type for Form2Content CCK component. This package will add to your F2C new content type "Real Estate" which contain all custom fields, intro and main templates. All preset for immediate use.

The best of all is compatibility with Joomla 2.5 and 3 (and it's free, but don't tell anyone :).

It is also possible to cooperate with us if you need professional real estate web.

Usefull Easy Zopim upgrade (again :)

French language added (thanks to Gauthier LENFANT for translation). But that's not all. We improved user experience for logged in users. They doesn't have to fill in their name and email address to Zopim chat. Easy Zopim plugin will fill it for them.

That was idea of unknown person who asked our support via Zopim chat two days ago. We don't have contact to you so hopefully you will read this :)

These features now in Easy Zopim plugin version 1.1.2.

New fields available at EasyCalc

EasyCalc component (Pro and Lite version as well) has new features. Aside from boring updates like optimization for mobile devices and more stable administration there are two new fields available.

  1. Drop down select box is alternative to radio buttons. It is better solution if you have many, many items to show.
  2. JavaScript field is second field. It is for more advanced users, but it is possible to use favorite jQuery framework, so programming is much more faster, easier and efficient. It can be used for many reasons. Great is to use it for javaScript arrays when a calculator needs some.

Easy Zopim is Joomla 3 ready

Our favorite Easy Zopim plugin has a new version with magical number 1.1.1. What's new? It is compatible with Joomla 2.5 AND Joomla 3 as well.

Easy Reward Points for VirtueMart released

Our new plugin Easy Reward Points for VirtueMart works together with Reward poins component and extends your VirtueMart with new kind of discount. Reward points are kind of virtual currency. Every customer can be rewarded with these points. That is up to you who will be rewarded.

The plugin then allows your customers to pay for some product/s with these reward points. Check out our documentation for more details about this awesome feature.

GoPay for VirtueMart upgraded

New version 3.0.6 of our GoPay plugin for VirtueMart has quite a lot of new features. To sum it up:

  1. There is table of available payment methods right in the plugin's configuration. These payment methods are loaded directly from GoPay itself, so they are always up-to-date.
  2. It is possible to select default payment method if you redirect a customer to payment gate with more then one payment methods, default one will be preselected. You can select it globally for all GoPay payment methods or for every payment method separately.
  3. New function is also to show certain payment methods only for selected countries.
  4. Also you can select which payment methods should appear to a customer depending on his / hers cart price.

See the documentation in English or Czech for more details. 

Product compare for VirtueMart is ready

VirtueMart 2 component for comparing products Easy Compare is ready for you. Check out our demo eshop

Importing products with meta informations

From now on it is possible to import products into VirtueMart also with meta keywords and meta description. Check out our powerful component Product Import for VirtueMart which has new version 1.0.4 now.

Oh, one more thing: it is also possible to import TAXes in percent or decimal number as well.

EasyCalc modules for free now

From now on, when you buy EasyCalc component, you get also EasyCalc module and EasyCalc Meter module for the same price.

EasyCalc module can display any calculator from the component as module in any position.

EasyCalc Meter module can display any value from any calculator in nice "tachometer style".