Order Expedition Time Info for VirtueMart plugin released

Brand new plugin which shows the order availability info based on product in stock after the order confirmation. Let your customers know if they have to wait or if they can go to pick their order up right away. 

EasyCalc "TachoMeter" module

New module is ready for EasyCalc users. It will display any value from your calculator display as tacho or speedo meter view. There is many possibilities of configuration and theming. Check out the demo!

Easy Zopim: Operator for every language

New version of our Easy Zopim plugin (1.0.5) adds new language. Now is along with English, Czech and Greek supported Russian as well. Also new neat feature appeared along. The plugin allows you to add different Zopim account for different language mutation of your Joomla website. 

Check out documentation or our Easy Redmine website where we try it. You can talk to English operator at English version of website or Russian operator when you switch language to Russian.

Article Import for Form2Content released

Joomla 2.5 component for importing articles or any other content type into Form2Content CCK component. The core from our popular EasyParser was used. It has some advanced options like sorting articles into categories by some information inside the imported XML during the import and many others.

EasyJobs Joomla component released

We are proud to announce release of brand new EasyJobs component. It is solution for advanced jobs portal.

Comparing products for VirtueMart

EasyCompare, the solution for comparing VirtueMart products is released. Take a look at the demo.

VirtueMart Product Configurator

We are finishing plugin for Joomla 2.5 + VirtueMart 2.0 which can add product configurator into VirtueMart product detail. The plugin adds new button "Configure the product" button next to "Add to cart" button.

The button opens modal window where are all custom fields, related products and it's custom fields and product variants (preset variations of custom fields and related products and their custom fields).

So if you are selling product which can be compiled from other products, stay tuned.

Turbo Asistent plugin info

We just finished plugin which sends data to Turbo Asistent system from RedEvent and RedForm components. We won't provide it to the public because it is very specific plugin. In case you want to connect Turbo Asistent with Joomla, let us know.

Product Compare for VirtueMart almost ready

We just finished Product Compare component, plugin and module for VirtueMart 2. It will be released soon. Stay tuned.

OrderExport component released

Brand new Joomla and VirtueMart component OrderExport is out. It can export VM orders into XML. The XML structure can be set up by the component as well.