Paid Content with Joomla! CMS!

moneyCzech Free Press news portal is developed on Joomla! 2.5 platform and its operators have decided to charge for a part of the content. We will answer some questions about how we have modified the administration, what plugins are being used and what is the resulting user interface.

User Interface

Articles that are designated for registered users only are locked. Unregistered users can only see the perex and then decide whether they want to "buy" the article or not.


If the users do not have login information, they must sign up first. During registration they fill in e-mail and password which are then used for logging in. After the registration is complete the users will receive an e-mail with confirmation of registration, which contains an activation link to verify the e-mail address. After that, the users log in easily using the specified e-mail address and password.



A newly registered user will get 30 credits for FREE. After reading a locked (VIP) article 3 credits are deducted from the user account. When the credits are exhausted, the user can simply buy them in an online store.




Paid Content Management

All credit transactions are provided by OSE Credits, a Joomla! extension that can be used as a shopping cart for purchasing credits, unfortunately allowing payments by PayPal only.

Therefore, we connected OSE Credits to VirtueMart e-commerce solution where the online payments are easier and you can choose among from several options.

VirtueMart-OSE-Credits Plugin allows you to buy OSE Component credits as VirtueMart products so you can use tuned e-commerce logic of Virtuemart with an easy connection to the payment gateway. We have chosen GoPay payment gateway for Czech Free Press! This gives customers secure and convenient online payment method via all forms of credit cards: (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, JCB), and payments via various payment systems.

The package with a certain number of credits poses as a single product in the store so the only thing you have to do is to state the number of credits in the product description. Our plugin identifies the number of credits and after the transaction has been completed, it gives the information to OSE Credits Component. The credits are then added to a user account.



This is an easy way to paid content!