Rich Snippets – Entrap Potential Customers!

Rich Snippets

Provide detailed information about your products directly to the search results pages on Google. Rich Snippets allow you to display structured and therefore more attractive information.

More Information – More Visitors

The main task of snippets is to introduce the content of a your web site and prove correlation with the query that the user has entered. Based on these excerpts, the user decides what sites are worth visiting. If you clearly submit him enough information, you greatly increase the chances that he visits your site. Simply put, the more information in the snippet, the greater probability that users will choose your website.

Give Clear Information to Google

Google has to understand your site and on this bases, it can create well structured snippets. It is easy. You add Microdata - HTML tags that make Google recognize the different types of data (people, reviews, events, recipes, businesses) to your site. Rich Snippets may indicate reviews, price, stock information etc.

Rich Snippets will appear as a gray line containing structured information, like in this folowing example. Compare the search results with Rich Snippets with the result without Rich Snippets, it is clear which one is more interesting for user.

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets – Success of Your E-shop

It is important to use it especially if you're running an e-shop. Rich Snippets significantly affect its success! Which metadata are helpful for it?

  • Price
  • Currency of the price
  • Stock information
  • Rating
  • Count of reviews


The easiest way is to buy plugin, which automatically inserts Rich Snippets into VirtueMart product detail page.

Test Your Site

This tool allows you to test whether you have well-defined Rich Snippets:

See How Google Use Rich Snippets