Automatic Shopper Group

Plugin can assign some VM shopper group to the shopper who fills some user field during registration.


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We use this plugin when we need to count TAX only to customers who doesn't have filled TAX ID (are not companies). According to EU regulations.

VirtueMart has configured TAX as usual and then there is special TAX discount for customers within group Companies.

The plugin does the rest. At it's configuration can be selected which user field should be filled and into which VM group the customer should be added.

Version Version created Version description
1.0.3 2014-01-08 17:28:47 Better log messages
1.0.2 2014-01-06 14:36:36 Added log

At plugin configuration you can select the user field and the VirtueMart Shopper Group. Customer who fills something to the selected user field will be automatically assigned to selected Shopper Group.

Then you can add some discount to this Shopper Group.


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