Bridge for Virtuemart and OSE

VirtueMart-OSE-Credits plugin allows you to buy credits for OSE component in a Virtuemart online store.
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joomla 2.5

OSE Credits  component provides access to content based on Joomla credits - to see an article = minus 5 credits from your credit account.
VirtueMart-OSE-Credits Plugin allows you to buy credits for OSE components in a Virtuemart online store. You can use the tuned e-commerce logic of VirtueMart including the easy connection to payment gateway. 

Simple Solution for Paid Content

  • OSE Commerce component provides access to Joomla! content based on credits
  • VirtueMart plugin allows you to buy these credits through a VirtueMart online store easily
  • VirtueMart allows easy on-line payments
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1.0.3 2013-11-19 12:53:07 renamed to "Bridge for Virtuemart and OSE" cuz JED

Virtuemart 2 OSE plugin allows to purchase OSE credits via VirtueMart products. Plugin is triggered by successful payment confirmation. It takes credit value of purchased product and adds it to user who bought it in OSE component. There is no complicated setting. Just set credit amount to VirtueMart products. Plugin cares about the rest.

Product configuration

To set product to some credit value is quite simple. All you need to do is to insert credit value into field Product packaging in product setting as you see in image where the amount is set to 500 credits.


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