VirtueMart - TOP E-commerce Plugin for Content Based Sites!

imagesE-commerce is on the rise again. And that's why online marketers have a lot of opportunities when choosing the type of online store and web hosting. E-commerce platform market is very rugged - no solution has more than 12% of market share. The best players in the field of e-commerce are Magento and Yahoo Stores. (Magento is 4 years old, Yahoo Stores 14!).

Every one is selling their products online and e-commerce software solutions are now offered everywhere. Software platform Magento has gradually surpassed the veteran - Yahoo! Small Business. No company has ever won the majority share in this territory yet. Nevertheless, WP e-commerce (a plugin of a popular content management system) and BigCommerce (with its solution for low- and high-end merchants) are becoming very popular. While the top players focus on retail shopping, a possibility opens for VirtueMart: transactions for content-oriented sites.

What type of e-commerce business dominates the most of the top sites?

As already mentioned, the market is very fragmented: 22 % is held by two leading platforms: Magento and Yahoo Stores. Magento, after only 4 years of operation, reached the top, beating the old man Yahoo and leaving it on the second place. Moreover, 78 % of the market is controlled by other platforms: VirtueMart 8 %, Volusion 8 %, ZenCart 8 %, OsCmmerce 7 %, Miva Merchant 7 %, BigCommerce 5 %,WP E-Commerce 3 %, Übercart 3 % etc.

And what platforms are growing at fastest rates?

The fastest growing software solutions among small and large players is WP e-Commerce. Users can easily add this plugin and more of its extensions on the web. BigCommerce is on the second place and Magento is in the third place.

The fastest growth in the last 6 months:

WP E-commerce 63 %. Bigcommerce 57 %, Magento 37 %, Volusion 18 %, Ubercart 15 %.

As for the expansion of content based sites to e-commerce business, the following solutions ranked in the top 10:

VirtueMart: free open source solutions is most popular e-commerce platform among Joomla! users. Joomla is a quite a newcomer to the CMS scene (appeared in 2005).

Übercart: with a focus on Übercart Drupal community, it is a favorite and gradually growing software solution that does not focus on retails.

WP e-commerce: a free and easy way for WordPress users to sell on their site. Fast-growing WP e-commerce also sells a paid "Gold" upgrade that offers many extensions.