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Easy Feeder is for feeding or exporting information from Joomla's database. For example Virtuemart products, Content articles and basically anything in different formats (XML, CSV, RSS, Atom, JSON, HTML, XLS, XLSX... ).


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This component creates feeds for different types of servers (Google, Heuréka, Zboží, ...) from Virtuemart, including category Mappings, Enumerations and Restrictions.

Output formats:

  • XML feeds
  • RSS feeds
  • Atom feeds
  • CSV exports (Can be opened in Excel or OpenOffice as a spreadsheet)
  • XLS / XLSX exports (For MS Excel)
  • JSON exports (Can be called by ajax to retrieve data)
  • HTML output (Can be used to display table of records on frontend)

Special features for exporting:

  • Articles (com_content)
  • Products (com_virtuemart)
  • Jobs (com_easyjobs)
  • Anything (custom sources, database query results)

Advanced features:

  • Any database table
  • Any column included column from joined tables
  • Supports Joomla cache
  • Output can be stored to physical file in images stories
  • Export/Import of server and element configurations, enumeration items etc.
  • Sample data with predefined examples including Google products feed
  • Mapping of categories (more mapping soon)
  • Applying various PHP functions to element values (like append string or even str_replace or force integer datatype etc.)

Other features:

  • Transform elements name
  • Exclude empty elements
  • Feeds can have sef urls
  • Exclude items having all elements empty
  • Many more settings like XML namespaces
  • Ordering of items in feed as well as elements of items
  • Very important for multicurrency eshop - can convert currency from default to selected include price.


Due to its object oriented nature EasyFeeder is extendable by adding new classes for:

  • custom server types (data sources)
  • custom element types (data properties)
  • custom renderer types (output formats)
Version Version created Version description
3.11.0 2017-01-17 15:38:19 preg_replace, Append/Prepend manufacturer to name, google_product_identifier, add new translate for new functions, Better condition for google_product_identifier, xmlns with prefix vs without prefix
3.10.0 2015-11-12 13:57:33 content/created_by + content/modified_by, force ordering (childs first) when inheriting is active in any element, allow text in delivery_date, method afterValueInherited() for post processing inherited values
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