Cross Joomla! Authentication

Joomla's User authentication plugin which allows to login users registered on another Joomla! site.


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joomla 2.5

Joomla's User authentication plugin which allows to login users registered on another Joomla! site.

Version Version created Version description
1.0.2 2013-10-23 13:29:18


1) Set up DB Connection

After you install plugin in standard way in Extension manager, go to Plug-in manager and open Cross Joomla! Authentication plugin for basic set-up.

You need to define DB connection to your primary website.

Primary website is Joomla! 2.5 site where your users are registered in.

crossjoomla authentication dbconnection


2) User Groups Mapping

After you save your settings and set-up functional DB connection, new setting will show up.
In User Groups Mapping table you can set which user groups users will transfer from primary website.
You can even change their user groups in the process – just set these transfered users new roles for this secondary website.

crossjoomla authentication usergroups


3) Don`t forget to activate the plugin in the Plug-in Manager.

Maybe this sounds silly, but a lot of us may know how often this happens ;-)

crossjoomla authentication enable


4) Plugin Ordering

In Plug-in manager set the ordering so that Cross Joomla! Authentication plugin follows just behind standard Joomla! authentication plugin.

crossjoomla authentication ordering


5) Log-in

Now anyone who has been alredy registered on master website can use standard login procedure to log-in into your new secondary site.

crossjoomla authentication login


6) Tips

Tip 1 – Registration

We suggest to disable new user registrations –- and direct new possible users to register on your primary website.
This way you will have all registrations managable at one place.

Tip 2 – Refreshing User Data

If you need somehow change this transfered user data like Name, Email, Usergroup, we suggest to do this only on your primary website.
Than you can delete this transfered user on the secondary website.
With next login, plugin will transfer new data about the user from the primary site.

Tip 3 – Forgotten Password / Username

You should probably change these links to target to your master website domain so all (even not yet transfered users) can recover their user data.



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