Sell your Joomla! & VirtueMart Extensions Professionally

Easy Joomla! is a market place for Joomla! developers who do not want to create their own online store but want to sell their extensions. Easy Joomla! brings you:

  • automated updates for your customers
  • updates for authorized domains
    • people who haven't bought your commercial extension will not recieve updates
    • usage of your extension is not limited in any way according to the GNU GPL license
  • on-line payments
  • just 20% commision

Make use of your Update Tool which guarantees that all who have bought your extension will receive updates. You will make more money.



How does it work?


1) Register and log in and then click on "My" menu item and "Add new extension"

Extensions - add new extension


2) Fill in all necessary fields and save the extension

Extensions - fill in information


3) A saved extension will look something like this. Moreover, new tabs will appear. Continue filling in all necessary details about the extension in the tabs - you will see the progress in the graphics



 3.1) Documentation


  3.2) Versions


3.3) Images



4) Once everything is absolutely OK, you will see a success notice. After that, paste the code in your XML install file according to the instructions.


5) Your extension is in the store and ready to sell

Entension store


Sound cool?


Additional information

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