VirtueMart Re-order Module

This module lets you re-order Virtuemart orders from your Account.


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If you wanted to buy several products repeatedly (i.e. every month), you had to put them into the cart again and again and proceed to checkout every time. Not any more! With VirtueMart Order Templates, you can re-order products right from your Account > Orders list.  This module is suitable for e-commerce sites which have loyal and regular customers who order on, let's say, monthly basis.

Virtuemart Order Templates Administration

Virtuemart Order Templates

Re-Orders Front-End

The look of the front-end may vary according to the Joomla! / Virtuemart template.

Re-order Templates

Version Version created Version description
1.0.7 2013-11-19 12:03:25 repaired adding to cart of custom fields with more products in one order. (AJAX)
1.0.4 2013-05-27 06:54:27
1.0.3 2013-02-05 13:56:35


The configuration is straight forward. Publish the module, assign it to a position where you want it and the module will automatically show up at the order detail page in your Account.

There are three setting options you have to configure:

  • info text message
  • text of the button
  • css class of the module for better styling


How It Works

The module takes the order number from the URL, so it can find all about the order and its items. Then it prepares a form with all items, quantities and custom fields.

There is small problem with multiple items with different custom fields. There is no way how to add all custom fields to the right items on one request. Therefore we rebuild the module to use AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript requests). It sends items one by one to the cart and when it is done, a customer is redirected to the cart.



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